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IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Support for: 1. Broadwell DE (XEON D1500 SoC with X557 LAN controller) 2. Intel 82599EN Ethernet Controller 3. Intel X550 Multi-Rate Ethernet Controller


We are proposing a solution that has as a primary requirement IEEE 1588 Precise Timing protocol (PTP) Support and we are proposing the use of mainly Intel parts to carry out this implementation.


We are using a COMexpress module based on the Intel XEON DE (D1500 based Broadwell SoC with internal X557 LAN controller and internal Intel I210 Lan Controller) with direct 1G-KW connections from our switch as well as the following Intel Ethernet controllers (Intel 82599EN and Intel X550T) depicted in architecture attachment.


I’d like to verify following assuptions are corrrect for implementing IEEE 1588 PTP in attached architecture diagram:


1.     GigE Switch is going to generate the master IEEE 1588 time using PTP Protocol to the following Ethernet connections:

a.     4x to CuPHY RJ45 which will go to different subnet

b.     2x 1G-KW links directly into the 2x XEON D SoC’s X557 LAN Controller

2.   At the bottom of the diagram, you will see two intel Ethernet controllers, the Intel 82599EN and the Intewl X550T.

a.     The Intel 82599EN and X550T, using PCIe lanes from XEON-D and terminating to an SFP+ and RJ45 copper connections to external networks.


IEEE 1588 time stamping using PTP protocol must be supported by the Intel X557 Broadwell SoC internal dual LAN controllers, The XEON D internal I210, the Intel 82599EN and the Intel X550T.


We need to ensure that the Intel parts that are specified have the ability to act as transparent clocks and timestamp the ingress/egress Ethernet Packets using PTP on all Intel LAN controllers in the diagram:


A) The internal to XEON D1500 LAN controller (Intel X557), and internal XEON D i210 Lan controller

B) X550 LAN Controller

C) 82599EN on all ingress/egress Ethernet packets using the IEEE 1588 PTP protocol.


Also need to verify the PTP driver support for LINUX for the XEON D LAN controller (internal X557), the Intel 82599EN and Intel X550T and get feedback as to any successful implementation/testing intel may have done.


Please let us know asap when a good time to talk. I can make myself available anytime as this is a high priority project with significant volume and short reply window. Thanks.


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Hello MMikh4, Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities. To better assist you with this design we recommend contacting your Intel field application engineer, and creating a ticket with Intel Premier Support. This involves design that is out of the scope of Intel Ethernet. You can also have your design checked by Intel Embedded Design Center. Log in to Intel Premier Support through the following link: Embedded Design Center can be found here: Best regards, Daniel D Intel Customer Support Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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