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Install Wizard stuck and won’t allow me to press “next >”?


I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU so I am trying to install the Network connection driver To use my Ethernet cord, however when I do it gets stuck on the install wizard and won’t let me proceed. Refer to the image below. Does anyone have a fix?

Waiting doesn't help i had it open for half an hour.

Also i found a whole lot of adapters is this normal?

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For the install issue, please send us the log file from the installer and a capture of the output from the installed when it fails.

Did you bring across your Windows 10 drive/image from the old board? If this is the case, I suggest that you wipe out your system drive and do an installed from scratch. Your only other option is manually cleaning out the other devices which, based upon your question, may be a tough task for you.

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We'd like to follow up the information requested so we can proceed checking your query. Please also share the model of the motherboard, link where the driver was downloaded from and Operating System used.

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Hello crowdie,

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