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Intel 82567LM-3 Group Policy / NetLogon Errors



We have been fighting this issue for quite some time and am seeking some assistance.

We have over 90 HP Compaq Pro 6000 desktops that have the Intel 82567-LM3 NIC on board, running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. The problem that occurs is that the Windows system log will note a netlogon error stating "no domain controllers available" at almost every boot; but by the time the user goes to login the issue is resolved as the user is able to successfully authenticate with a network account and use the PC. I say almost because I have seen cases where the system log is clean at boot. In addition, we are seeing that our group policy preferences are not applying the printer policy properly on the units that have this NIC installed.

Driver version is , dated 8/26/2009

The tough part of this issue is it is not consistent. I am not able to reproduce it in a lab, and the problem seems to occur on a random basis.

We have tried restoring the windows install to the fresh HP image that ships with the unit and still see the problem present.

After combing through many Microsoft related forums I have seen many other users quote this same problem and they too are using Intel NIC's. I am hoping that someone from Intel may be able to give us some insight as to what may be causing this problem, as it does appear to be a network card related issue.

The problem at hand does NOT occur on any of our other PC's on our network which also run other flavor's of Intel NIC's and some broadcom NIC's too.



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Hi Patrick,

I seem to recall postings of similar issues in these forums a couple of years ago, but I think the later drivers took care of those issues. Also, with the built-in connections, using the latest BIOS might be important too. The driver version you listed is old, so I would check to see if HP has a newer driver posted for your model. I think you are usually better off using whatever drivers the manufacturer supports. However, if HP does not have a newer driver for that model, you can always try the latest package from Intel. has the latest generic drivers for the "Intel(R) 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection" dated 07/20/2011, version

I hope this helps.

Mark H

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