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Intel® 82573E/82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controller (d975xbx2 NIC)


I am using a d975xbx2 board which has the Intel® 82573E/82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controller on board. I have win7 x64 installed with this board and have had consistant blue screens that point to e1e6032e.sys (which is the LAN driver v., reporting as Pro/1000 PM in device manager). Has anyone seen similar issues or know possible cause leading to bug check blue screens?

I read on a readme for the the proWin7x64 drivers (v15.0) that the nic on this board does not support jumbo frames. It also says that if jumbo frames are enabled it could cause system instability and bug checks. Up to this point I cannot verify that jumbo frames are disabled because i am unable to find any options in device manager that seem to be related.

I have recently installed an old d-link 100MB nic (disabled the LOM through bios) and the system seem to be stable, so i think i have correctly isolated the problem. I have fought this protblem since i upgraded to win7 in oct so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Check around the site here, I think you'll find there are several issues with the drivers. Have you recently had any updated Intel drivers loaded?

I have several Dual Intel 82573L based systems that have dumped, and now no longer have MACs, only way to get working is to Enter the MAC manually?

I have currently disabled the onboards, installed (thank gosh I have 2 (only) slots free on these 2Us. arrgh) thank gosh # 2 that I had a local generic PC shop nearby sell me 20$ Idaknow DLink or TelNets or somethings, prob have Realtek or Broadcom chips, thank gosh # 3, that got my client up and running.

$120 worth of low end NICs solved my problem, Let hope INTEL can solve the driver issues