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Intel 82575EB SerDes problems


Hello Intel community

I work as a hardware engineer for a medium sized company. I have designed a small computer with an Intel Atom N455 CPU and two Intel 82575EB network controllers that is connected to the CPU-module via PCI Express. The idea is that have five Ethernet connections in total, 3 copper and 2 fiber. The CPU module has one connection and the two 82575EB's handles the rest with one dedicated for running two copper channels and the other two fiber.

The controller that handles the two copper channels works great. Setting up the EEPROM was a bit of a struggle but I got it working.

However I am not getting the 2nd controller to run the SerDes connection with what I think should be the correct EEPROM settings. Is the a special driver setting to get this up and running?

Any one with experience in SerDes with the Intel ethernet controllers?

Best regards,

Gustaf Rehnberg

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Hi Gustaf,

I see that no replies have been made here. Were you able to find any answer to your question through other means? If you still need help with this, please send me a private message.

Mark H

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