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Intel 82579LM Device not starting (Code 10) problem


Hello All,

I hope I am writing at the right place.

I am experiencing the next problem. I have several computer (windows 7) with the same ethernet adapter integrated in the mother board (82579LM). And randomly, when I start the system, the network adapter is not working. And I go to the device manager, the network adapter has the yellow sign, and it says that the device could not be started error (code 10). And the way to solve the problem is to turn off the system, unplug it from the wall for 1 min, plug it again, and then it workd fine. I have been researching everywhere and I know that it is probably a driver problem. But I would need to really make sure that the new driver is solving the problem. Because the issue is very intermitent, I can not tell if my updated system is working fine.

I could see that the ethernet adapter gets power all the time, as soon as the computer is plugged.

My guess is that for some reason the Ethernet adapter gets stack, corrupted, or I don't know, during the shutdown/starting and the only way to wake it up again is to remove the power from the adapter.

I would apreciate any ideas in order to be able to reproduce this problem, and then see if the new driver is working fine.

I tried to start the system 100 times and it happend once, and then I restarted it another 200 times (with the same driver) and everything was fine.

Also I tried to hybernate the computer to see if it was a problem with the sleep mode, as a read somewhere else, but no luck.

Maybe there is a software tool to be able to control all this extra option of the ethernet adapter? making it to sleep or go to save power mode manually?

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance

Samuel Soto

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