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Intel 82579LM LAN Card Connection Failure to Google Fiber/TV Network Box


About a month ago I moved to the new Google Fiber/TV service in Kansas City. While everything else, including wireless networking, is functional, I cannot get the Intel 82579LM LAN card in my HP EliteBook 8760w laptop to connect to their network box.

The error message I get says the network cable is unplugged. I install, troubleshoot and commission high end networked AV systems. I build CAT5 cables. I own a tester. I've verified by substitution that the cable(s) I'm using are good.

I've had the laptop for a year. My work requires a lot of travel and the LAN card has worked in hotels and on client networks every time I've used it.

Better yet, I've been able to get LAN cards in 2 other laptops to connect to the same Google network box/router.

I've disabled/enabled the card dozens of times. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the card many times.

I have not changed the configuration of the card since I got it.

The internal diagnostics in Device Manager under Properties says all tests pass.

Speed and duplex settings are on auto negotiate.

Link Status says: Not connected. Power off.

The Identify Adapter button will not turn on the either of Send/Receive lights.

I've put a wireless router and a switch between the network box and my laptop. Both connect to the network box. Neither one will connect to my LAN card.

It seems like there must be a configuration issue between the devices but it's beyond me and there's very little user knowledge online about these systems yet.

I've been in touch Google Fiber Support repeatedly. They sent out a tech who couldn't fix it. Their last message over a week ago said they were looking forward to learning - from me - what the problem is. Despite a follow up message I haven't heard from them since. I think they've given up.

My wireless up/down speeds are certainly good, but everyone knows the best speeds will come hard wired, and that was the primary reason I made this change. I'd also like to get everything I'm now paying for working as expected, aside from wanting to solve such a frustrating problem.

Any help would be appreciated

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