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Intel 82579V Network Connection hanging on startup


I have a ASUS Sabertooth X9 board with the latest BIOS and Windows 7 Pro x64 connected to a Motorola modem via Cat5e Gigabit.

I have the latest drivers for the Intel Gigabit controller installed as well.

Upon start up on the system tray I see the little Network connection icon with a blue circle around it for around one minute. Thereafter, I briefly get a yellow problem symbol, then the red X like I have no internet connection, then all of a sudden it refreshes and shows an active connection.


During this entire time though, my internet works fine even though it says there is no internet connection or even while its showing the blue circle like its searching.

In addition to this, it lags all other applications in the system tray from launching. For example right at start up if I click my rapid storage technology software to open it from the system tray nothing happens until AFTER the network connection icon has turned from its standard blue, then yellow, then red then to normal before the application will open. Literally right after the network connection icon stabilizes back to normal the applications that I queued up will suddenly open.

I felt this was a motherboard problem so I exchanged it for another but still encounter the same issue.

In addition, it seems this issue isn't just with the Sabertooth x79 as I have a ASUS Rampage IV Extreme x79 which has the same exact controller and exhibits the EXACT same problem.

Either the controller has a bug, or maybe possibly something is wrong with my network? I have tried to phase out my own network by using a different cable and it still happens. I have other systems on the network with different NICs and they dont have the same issues.

Here is a youtube video I just shot depicting the problem

Edit 2: I shot another video right now basically showing the same thing but with better commentary explaining the issue.

Any opinion would be appreciated.

Thank you

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