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Intel ET quad NIC (loopback test failing....)

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HI guys,

So I have these 4 ET quad nics. I first had the problem with them not being able to connect to ISCSI target from my starwind SAN. But other nics could connect just fine. So I tested them all and this "Loopbackup test" was failing. Couldn`t beleive it. So I took those 4 nics and tested in a different Asus motherboards. Guess what ? the test passed on all. So now I put one on a completely different ASUS MB and it passed of course and also no problems with ISCSI MPIO things....

So it seems to be a problem only under this server specific MB Asus z8pe-d18 boards. I do have 3 of these and tested under 2 of them with Windows with latest drivers for Intel ET but they all failed that loopback test and also couldn`t connect to my Starwind target.....

So the question is where does the problem really resides to ? Asus sZ8-18 server board`s an expensive board.. and I do have 3 of these... or would it be to the intel ET cards themself ?.... Weird.....

In the end I have 3 servers with that board and want to make them work with Intel Quad ET to run ESXi 4.1 Update 1 for ISCSI traffic with MPIO and jumbo frames... Hopefully the bios update of the MB will help and maybe ESXi would have better luck with the Intel ETs....

Also the Asus z8pe-d18 has 2 Intel on board nics with work just great with ISCSI and my Starwind setup.....

Any answers would be appreciated.

Will update the post for everyone...

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no`one yet ??

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After reading that the adapter works on other motherboards, then I suspect that the issue has to do with the PCIe bus on the motherboard where you are having trouble.

I have not looked up any specifications on your motherboard, but here are some things you can try that might help.

Do you have a different PCIe slot where you can install the Ethernet adapter? I have heard of some motherboards where one slot does not work, but another slot works.

You should also check if a BIOS update is available. Sometimes issues like you describe are fixed in BIOS upgrades.

I hope this helps.

Mark H