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Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E no IP address after stand-by resume.


My Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E card gets no IP address from the gateway after a resume from stand-by (S3).

Resuming from Hibernation (S4) works 100% OK.

This is on Windows XP SP3.

I have loaded the latest driver from the 15.x Ethernet CD, and have updated the mainboard (K8M890) BIOS to the latest version.

The flash on the Intel card is also at the latest version.

When i resume from S3, the card can't get any IP address.

I have to shutdown the card in Windows XP SP3 and put the computer into Hibernation (S4).

After powering up the PC again, i have to re-enable the card in Windows XP.

Then it will get an IP address again.

Does anyone know what other things i can try, so the card renews its IP correctly after stand-by (S3) ?

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No known driver bugs exist for resuming after standby for this adapter. I wonder if their is some sort of timing issue going on in your system that is causing this failure or maybe a hardware problem. In the advanced tab properties you have an optioin to Wait for Link. You might try setting Wait for Link to On to see if the issue goes away. If that fixes the issue, then you should not need to do anything else.

You could try removing TCP/IPv6 if you are not using it. I do not remember if Windows XP SP3 binds IPv6 by default or not, but removing an unneeded protocol might help even if your resume issue is not fixed.

The latest driver version is version that was included with Intel(R) Network Connections version 15.5 and later. You could try using an older driver such as the one that was on the CD that came with your adapter. If you do not have your CD, you can download an older version of the CD from early 2009 at If the problem is driver related, going to an older driver will probably make the issue go away.

If you have a retail version of the adapter and nothing else works, you can always contact Intel Customer Support for a replacement for your adapter. Of course, if the issue is not in the adapter hardware, replacing the adapter will not help.

Please post here to let everyone know how you resolve this issue.

Mark H

Thanks for your help. No options in the Properties tabs of the driver don't seem to fix this problem. (i.e. "Wait for Link") I am not using IPv6 on this adapter. The only protocols are IPv4 and the Windows filesharing components. I tried drivers v11.7.32.0 from Ethernet CD v15.7/15.8. Because the card works perfectly except this S3 standby issue, i assume the hardware is not faulty, and the problem lies with the mainboard / BIOS / driver / OS combination. Will try the older 2009 version driver from the link you provided.

Using driver v10.6.15.0 from the link you provided made no difference.

The older driver did give me more Power Management options:"Reduce link speed during standby""Reduce power if cable disconnected" These options didn't help, either enabled or disabled or any combination.The options for "Wake on ..." (i.e. WOL) don't make a difference either.Setting 100Mbit FullDuplex (our network) instead of Autonegotiation doesn't help either. I am leaning toward a mainboard/BIOS incompatibility with this network card. FYI: Mainboard is a Foxconn K8M890M2MA with the latest BIOS (2008).