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Intel I350 Controller and Intel DPDK

I350 fails to sent packets in burst mode.


However it is possible to sent 1 packet at a time using the hardware. Moreover.. it seems too slow on 100 and 1000 Mbps lines On a 100 Mbps line it possible to sent only 6.9 MBps. Using Intel DPDK it should be able to achieve the line speed

I350 is being listed under the 'Supported NIC's' page on


This is the code I used


ret = rte_eth_tx_burst(port_ids[lcore_id], 0, m_pool, burst_size);

If I give a burst_size of 1. It works fine. When I set it to 64 or 128, it fails.


I have allocated packets using

struct rte_mbuf *m_pool[burst_size];

for(j=0;j  {


m_pool[j] = rte_pktmbuf_alloc(pktmbuf_pool);



all the mbufs were set to have

m_pool->pkt.nb_segs = 1;


m_pool-> = NULL;


m_pool->pkt.pkt_len = (uint16_t)74;


m_pool->pkt.data_len = (uint16_t)74;

Where am I going wrong ? But the same code works perfectly inside a VM

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

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