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Intel PRO device says: "This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)"


Hi there,

I had troubles with our W2008 server (not R2 edition). Where we lost the Intel NICs quite randomly. So I though to focus on one the server and rebooted at first. Oh! It goes to non responding mode, but lukily I had other NICs on the same server and they were still using. But basically, when I was going to see NIC from the Device Manager, there were yellow warning and behind the properties it says "This Device Cannot start (Code 10)".

I tried several methods, but no luck. Next I downloaded the latest drivers (15.5) to that server and tried with it. Same results...

I took by the process monitor the boot logging, but I could not found any reason for this. Does anybody knows how should I see the "cannot start" on the process monitor logs?

Does anybody have solved this kind issue?

Nic is "Intel(R) PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Network Connection".

OS is Windows 2008 with SP2

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