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Intel Pro 100 & Cisco Catalyst 2960G


Hello, I have this issue:

Switch Cisco Catalyst 2960G + utp cat 6 cable + nic Intel Pro 100 VM (With WIN 2003 latest drivers = v15.5 package)

I can't get it work.

Autosensing in both points (switch and nic) = cable disconected

100 full in both points = connection ok, but no pings

100 half in both pints = connection ok, but no pings

10 full or half in both points = lose many pings (50% of them)

This problem happens only with this type of nic (tested three different ones). If I change the nic (intel pro 1000, 3com, or realteck, or Broadcom) the connection is ok at any speed (10 / 100 / 1000).

Is there any know bug or problem related with this nic connected in this switches?

NOTE 1: unchecking "allow the computer turn off this device" doesn't work.

NOTE 2: people in cisco forums says that the problem is in the drivers (but I use the las ones!!!) 3161859


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