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Intel Quadport ET, TCP Offloading, and Teams


I am a bit confused as too if the Intel Quadport E2 NIC supports TCP offloading when in an adaptive load balacning team or not.

"TOE (TCP Offload Engine) enabled devices cannot be added to a team and will not appear in the list of available adapters." However, it says that after "Some advanced features, including hardware offloading, are automatically disabled when non-Intel adapters are team members to assure a common feature set." Which seems strange thing to say if Offloading is not supported in 100% Intel teams as well. So does this mean that Intel Teams just don't support offloading?

I verified that TCP offloading is enabled in both the Intel properties for each of NIC that is the member of a two nic Adapter Fault Tolerance Team.

Also, the output of netsh int tcp show global verified that offloading is enabled.

However, when running netstat -tn none of the connections are offloaded, they are all InHost.

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Intel(R) Ethernet adapters do not support TOE, but they do offload various tasks depending on the adapter. For example, you will find TCP/IP, TCP, and UDP checksums and segmenting TCP messages (Large Send Offload) are offloaded by default. When you create a team, the offloads will still work if they were not disabled on any of the individual ports.

You can see the offload settings in the Advanced tab for each of the adapter ports.

Mark H

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