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Intel(R) 82573L based Network Controller(OEM)


I have had my Gateway MX6710 Laptop over two years and had no trouble with the Network Adapter when I was running Windows XP. As soon as I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional, I had to update my driver for the said Adapter and now I am not getting the same performance out of it as I was with the XP driver and software. I went into the configuration application and ran the Adapter Test. The results stated that my Network Controller was configured for Slow Speed. I have no IDEA how to change the settings on this Adapter to make it configured for Fast Speed or any other Speed for that matter (I don't have a clue what all the settings and what each one means or does). Please, someone in this community has got to have the answers I need or at least point me to the right LINK that has the RIGHT information on the Intel PROSet Software settings for this Adapter (Intel 82573L Network Controller). Thanks, in advance, for all your help and information, Stephen Disability Retired United States Marine Corps.

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What was the software/tool that you used to run the Adapter test?

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