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Intel(R) 82579V loss connection


Hello, first sorry for my bad english, i am from german.

I bought me the gamer PC acer aspire G5910 with Intel(R) 82579V lan adapter.

I loose the connection if i hear musik in spotify (i have windows 8.1 64bit)

or i loose the connection if open steam to play a game..every time.

i installed this driver:*&DownloadType=Utilities%2C%20Tools%20und%20Beispiele*&DownloadType=Utilities%2C%20Tools%20und%20Beispiele

i download it,unrar it,and then i open CMD with admin rights and i typed in: cd\users\myname\downloads and then i press enter,then i was in the folder downloads and then i type 82579VSKUW64e.exe

and i loose after the last command the lan connection,then i was connectet again with the internet.My internet is better now, but sometimes i loose the connection, or if i start steam/spotify.

Have anyone ideas or tipps for me?

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Hi Darilari,

The Intel(R) 82579V lan is an embedded NIC on the Acer Predator G5910, I would suggest you to get in touch with Acer for validated drivers customized for their system in Windows 8.1.

I manage to check on Acer website and found they have drivers available for Windows 7 OS only. Here is the website you can check: Select the Desktop for the Group, Predator as the series, Predator G5910 as the product.

Hope this helps.


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