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Intel Wifi 5300 agn card install driver problem on vista 32 + dell m1530

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I have strange issue with this 5300 agn wifi card... I have downloaded two available intel drivers from Intel download is old and other is new. Both have issues installing on vista 32 bit on this dell m1530 laptop.

Dell suggests to download drivers from Intel site direct. So I did as earlier I never had issues installing 4965 agn card - found Intel latest drivers and voila, done.

But this 5300 agn card is challenge...after unsucessful fails on this vista laptop, I decided to test the I created usb version of Ubuntu/Linux and ran it on this very laptop and Ubuntu GENERIC driver had no issues using 5300 card.


I would appreciate any help from this forum.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello glen1,

From your description I see that you are having trouble installing the wireless adapter. The drivers that you have tested are these the same as the ones from the link below? (Version 14.3.0)

Try to first uninstall the current drivers and software then install just the base drivers (Wireless_14.3.0_Dv32.exe).

Also, usually it is the laptop manufacturer providing these drivers, since they integrate the system and test the components, especially with wireless, since any system using these devices must undergo compliance tests with FCC and IEEE regulations. If your system came with the adapter and it used to work correctly in the past then you may try to restore your system to a previous date when it used to work, just to test the drivers and software, if it does not operate then you may have a failing wireless adapter, for the replacement you would contact the laptop manufacturer since they are the only ones authorized to replace the device.

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Ahh, there is a response...thanks Nathalie for responding as I thought noone will even look at my issue here in intel wireless forum.

To answer your questions, I did try to install drivers alone (from the same site link you have) and also with pro/ and also tried to manually add network adapter and even tried silent install but each time it gives code 10 error..which certainly seems like hardware/OS conflict. Rick on Dell forum walked thru all the possible issues but without simple resolution than try to reinstall or repair vista x86 as there are no generic drivers for Intel wifi 5300 agn and only two versions of the drivers are available from Intel site.

I do see that this card conforms with FCC with ID PO9533ANMU so I assume that since its under general use license, there should not be a problem.

Regarding possible failing adapter, I suspected that too so I tested it working on Linux/Ubuntu generic agn drivers which confirmed that this piece of painful Intel 5300 wifi network adapter card is NOT dead.

End user gets entangled between manufacturer (Dell), OS (microsoft), hardware (Intel duo core 2+Intel 5300 card) which is a problem when one comes across driver error like me.

Let me know what else I can do to get rid of Code 10 problem with this Intel hardware. FYI, 4965 agn card installs with latest Intel drivers with no issue.

I do certainly appreciate your response. Thanks!

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