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Intel X520-DA2 10Gb nic down state in Vmware 5.x


Hi to all, I'm new here, I'm trying to find a solution or someone that can help me to a issue that is taking me no slep.

I've a Synology SAN with a 10Gb Synology adapter with a direct attach cable HP spf+ cable and a DL80 HP Server mounting an X520-DA intel 10Gb dual board.

All the components where bough according with compatibility table on Synology site for a direc attached 10Gb storage. Compatibility - Synology - Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I'm using Vmware Vsphere 5.5 (tried also 6.0), when i attach directly spf cable on San and Intel board lights go on in both board. If i see into SAn's networking i can see "connected" behind the 10Gb nic...but in Vmware the Intel Nic is in Down state. In this way i can't use it for direct attach storage.

I've read about some firmware problems...but i'm unable to understand how to update firmware of the Intel Nic and where to find the right one. This is a NON branded X520-DA so i need the intel one.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


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Hi Alex,

I see that you are using a Synology 10Gb adapter. It would be best to check with Synology about the firmware updates.



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