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Intel wifi 5300 vlan support / Dot1q Native


Hi All,

I'm wondering if there is a driver out there that will give me the ability to traverse tagged traffic across wifi?

Currently I have an Intel GigabitEthernet physical NIC on my Desktop that enables this support with a 90Mb Driver Set but I have not been able to track down a similar for my windows 7 64-bit laptop which uses an Intel Wireless 5300 driver.


Has Intel produced a driver set that enables this functionaity over Wireless and in particular the Wireless 5300 series card?

This is required so that I can perform some intense testing within my lab environment and it would supurb if somebody can point me in the right direction to achieve this.

If this isn't possible and there is currently no driver set to support it, feed back regarding the potential whys would be appreciated, for knowledge sake.

I suspect if it doesn't exist (google searches have turned up blank so suspect it may be the case) then I'd suspect it is due to some lack of ability on the wifi access points to determine the 4-byte portion at the start of the frame in which it receives due to the handshaking that takes place in the initial crypto negotiations and hence why its not possible?

Please ellaborate in any answer provided if you have the knowledge to do so.

Kind Regards,


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Please note that we do not have a driver with the option that you are looking for, the drivers that we have support the following technologies only: Intel(R) My WiFi Technology, Intel(R) Proset / Wireless WiFi Connection Utility, Administrator Toolkit and Intel(R) Proset / Wireless Enterprise Software.

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