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Issue with HP DL380 Gen10 Server and xxv710-2 Intel Card

We have the same issue as


We have two xxv710-2 cards in slots 4 and 6, HP reports that the fimware on the cards is 1.1747.0. We have two servers in different locations, one being the "main" server and the other as a failover in case the other fails).


The servers have RedHat Virtualisation (latest version) and runs a highly tuned Fortinet firewall as a VM (using 4 VF's, two from each card). The fortigates are not setup as HA, but are managed and the routing is changed when the manager observes that a server goes down. We are using one as the "main" server and since being setup in this manner, this one stays up, with the "fallback" server falling over at no particular predictable time. The servers have been swapped over at a point, and the one being the "main" server does not exhibit the failure (i.e. it is always the "fallback" that has the issue.


The symptoms we have is that the VM's are turned off and the server resets itself and reboots. We can see the same errors as in the linked post. As far as the OS goes we see no errors as the server has reset (i.e. powered off).


I came across the attached post whilst trying to find the latest drivers, the HP SSP tool does not have any higher firmware for the intel card.


Any suggestions, is the firmware the latest as the numbers I have don't seem to relate to any numbers on the Intel Support site. Everything was built 2 months back with the latest and greatest versions.



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Hello DTeam,


Good day!


We'd like to check if you were able to do swap testing that you mentioned before to further isolate the issue.


Awaiting to hear from you.


Should there be no response, we will follow up after 5 business days.


Best regards,

Crisselle C

Intel Customer Support