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Low throughput on 10G NIC card using DPDK L2fwd


I have a dual port 10Gbps "X710 SFP + 1572" NIC card, created 2 VFs on both the ports.

dpdk l2fwd application is able to achieve throughput of ~9Gbps when using VFs on same port i.e. VF0 receives the external traffic and sends out on VF1 belonging to the same port (flow in green)





However when l2fwd (app1) receives the external traffic on one port and sends it to another application(another instance of l2fwd) on different port, the throughput drops down to 3.4Gbps, i.e. VF0 receives the external traffic and sends it to VF2 on a different port (flow in red)..


DPDK application(app1) on VF0 is able to send the traffic but the application(app2) is not able to receive all the traffic ; it can only receive max of 3.4Gbps. There is a packet loss when inter VF communication happens. But no error stats in dpdk are increased.


Is this happening at PCI level ?

Please help me understand the potential problem and suggest any pointers on how to proceed further.

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Hello Somesh,

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Since this question involves DPDK, please check with Intel Premier Support for further assistance. See the following for access to Intel Premier Support.

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Please be informed that we will now close this request. Just feel free to post a new question if you have any other inquiry in the future as this thread will no longer be monitored.

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Crisselle C.

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