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MonitorMode for 82574 integrated NIC on Windows 8.1? (Microsoft Driver)


I have a system board with two integrated NICs. I was able to enable "MonitorMode" to pass 802.1q tagged traffic through to a VMware test installation with a Windows 7 host. I have since upgraded to Windows 8.1 and the driver for the 82574L series is now listed as being provided by Mircosoft with a prefix of "e1i" - this is not listed on the list of drivers for which to enable either "MonitorMode" or "EnableMonitorMode" on the Intel site.

According the the driver details, this driver was supplied by Intel and is listed as version

If I could override the Microsoft driver, I would be in business. I am sure I can enable MonitorMode on the alternate 82579V integrated NIC, but I want to keep using that as my primary adapter and use the 574L NIC for VM testing.

Is there any way to accomplish this (allowing 802.1q tagged traffic to pass through the 82574L adapter on Windows 8.1 with the default Microsoft drivers, without the tags being stripped)?

(I bought an i350-T2 to resolve this issue but it ended up killing my system's ability to boot unless I removed half the memory, so "install a different NIC" has already been tried )


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