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NVM image for XL710 40G NIC with support for 40G Base-LR4 transceiver?

Hello, I'm stuck setting up XL710 40G NICs with 40G Base-LR4 tranceivers. Looks like the transceivers are not being activated -- no link, no light, no output power. Tested on three identical systems, with three Intel branded transceivers. There's a footnote in the feature support matrix stating: "Supporting LR4 requires more power and thus is disabled by default in QSFP+ NVM images from Intel." We're using Linux, Debian 10 Buster, kernel 4.19. I have successfully installed the latest i40e driver version 2.13.10 instead of the stock 2.3.2-k that comes with Debian 10. Didn't help with the 40G LR4 links (but continues to work for the 1000baseT link on a X722, so the driver should be fine). I have also successfully updated the NVM image in the XL710 using the Intel NVM Update Utility, going from version 6.01 to 8.15, but this didn't help either. I didn't see any option to include LR4 support in the update image (custom image?). Is there any way to activate LR4 support in the default image, using ethtool or some Intel utilitiy? If not, where can we get an NVM image that supports LR4 transceivers? Thanks! Martin
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Not a solution, but:

Customer decided to use SR transceivers instead (length is sufficient in this case). Worked immediately.