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Need help with Ethernet on DE2i-150

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Hi, I'm a newbie on both vhdl and nios. I'm doing a project on designing a simple trajectory simulation and transfer the data to PC to display on a software I wrote. I got stuck at transferring data to PC using Ethernet. I just need simple data transferring like UDP or something like that. I tried the triple speed ethernet for DE2-115 board but somehow it didn't work. The sof and elf downloads are fine. But the console only display "Opening scatter-gather dma transmit/receive device" and there's nothing else. I think because my board De2i-150 is different to De2-115.  


Can anyone help me with this? Where should I start or how I should process?  


Thank you very much!
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Hi, please refer to some demonstrations for example the following to DE2i-150 at path: ...\Demonstrations\FPGADE2i_150_Web_Server 

If no problem, please go on with some rectification via this demonstration directly, to avoid of any unexpected consequence causing by transplantation in totally different boards, more, to save the time for debugging, for your reference only. Thank you. 


Nikita, Terasic
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