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Network Disconnects with Mobile 965 Chipset/External Monitor


I've had ongoing network connectivity problems with the onboard graphics adapter when my docked laptop is connected to an external monitor. When the monitor is connected I experience general random network disconnects intermingled with prolonged continuous network disconnects. During these periods, if the monitor cable is disconnected from the port replicator, network connectivity immediately returns to a normal and constant connected state.

System Description:

  • Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook S7210


  • Fujitsu Lifebook Port Replicator


  • Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3


  • Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family v6.14.10.5218


  • Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet v11.41.3.3


I've tried the following solutions which have all failed:

  • Brought the Intel graphics driver up to the latest version.


  • Replaced the monitor with varying makes and models.


  • Replaced the monitor cable.


  • Replaced the laptop port replicator.


  • Replaced the laptop itself with a new but identical model.


  • Replace the power supply to the port replicator.


  • Updated the laptop chipset drivers.


  • Updated the network adapter drivers.


  • Replaced the network cable.


  • Plugged into other various network ports known to be stable.


Please can someone shed any light on this issue? It certainly appears to be a conflict with the Intel graphics adapter and its ability to function correctly with an external monitor.

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You may need to test the system without the docking station and using a monitor directly connected to one of the video ports in the laptop.

Keep in mind that the drivers we provide are generic versions for the video controller we designed and this generic driver does not take under consideration the usage of a docking station. However your Original Equipment Manufacturer or computer manufacturer customizes the driver to support what they have configured on their systems, and this includes using a docking device like the one you mentioned.

So, you can try using our generic drivers while using the integrated ports of the laptop and check what happens.

Or try using the docking station with the drivers directly provided by your laptop manufacturer.

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