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No Internet Access with Intel Team


I have been struggling immensely lately with creating a Link Aggregation with two of my Intel NIC's. I have three ethernet adapters.

I have an on-board 82574L, an on-board 82579LM, and a PCI-e Intel CT card. Initially I had tried to create a dynamic link aggregation team with the 82574L and the CT. I am using this team to connect to a Cisco SG200-08 switch with LAG configured that also connects a NAS drive.

My problem comes when I start my computer and try to access the internet. My NAS drive connects just fine and my network connection shows Internet Access but when I launch a web browser it says it cannot connect.

I have no idea of knowing if this is a problem with my switch, Uverse router, Apple Airport Extreme or computer team.

So many different settings and options not sure what to check first. Seems like I change one thing, reboot and it works to only restart my computer later to have it not work again. I have changed so many settings and options I am now tempted to default everything back just to have a neutral starting point.

All these IT terms are making my head swim. Spanning Tree, LACP, DHCP, dynamic, static, IP addresses oh my!!@@@@!!!@

Here is a pic of my setup. Dropbox - LAG+Setup.jpg

Any help or direction would be appreciated.



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