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No VLAN tabs on Windows 7 (82566DM-2)


Hello everyone

I have a Fujitsu Siemens workstation (Celsius m460) which has an Intel 82566DM-2 onboard network interface card. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise (x64).

The device manager shows me driver version of: This seems to be drivers coming with the operating system. This driver gives me the following tabs: "General", "Advanced", "Driver", "Ressources", "Power Management" - but no VLAN tab.

So I went to Intel's download page and downloaded the latest driver (ProWinx64.exe) version for my NIC, which seems to be version 18.3 (*&DownloadType=Treiber Download-Center). According to the description it contains the "Advanced-Network-Services (ANS)" feature.

Installing this driver (and of course selecting ANS) results in having the following tabs: "General", "Driver", "Ressources", "Power Management". So suddendly also the "Advanced" tab disapears!!

NB: I have already checked that the "Windows Management Instrumentation" Service is running. And no, I am not connecting via RDP to that machine....

So what am I doing wrong here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards


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