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PCIe ethernet 10/100 controller with MII interface



I'm searching for a 10/100 Ethernet controller with a PCIe host interface and an MII interface to connect to a Marvel 88E608x switch device. Also must be industrial temperature. Is there an Intel solution that matches these requirements? I'm not very knowledgeable in Etherent circuits / topologies. Ideally also provide access to the SMI interface of the Marvell switch, with a simple device driver integration, in a Linux OS platform.

Here's a diagram that describes it pictorially.

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

| | | | | Marvell switch|~~~ 8 ports ~~ mag/jacks

| CPU |~~PCIe~~ ?? MAC |~~MII~~ ex: |

| Linux | | |~~SMI~~ 88E6083 |

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I found USB to 10/100 MAC chips with MII support, but the ideal host interface is PCIe.



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Thank you for asking about Intel® Ethernet controllers. I am not a design expert, but in discussing this question with our engineering team they came up with the following suggestions using the Intel® 82580 Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

82580 <-- SERDES and MDIO(SMI) --> Marvell 88e6092 (or any switch with 1G SERDES support)


82580 <-- SGMII and MDIO(SMI) --> Marvell 88e1111 <-- MII (and MDIO from 82580) --> Marvell 88E6083

These solutions might work. Intel has not validated these solutions and does not provide drivers to control the MDIO(SMI) interface on the switch.

The Intel 82580 Gigabit Ethernet Controller is not sold as an IT part so you would need to do your own industrial temperature cold testing for it. We don't offer an MDIO + Industrial Temperature solution.

The Intel® 82574IT Gigabit Ethernet Controller is tested for Industrial Temperature, but it doesn't offer MDIO.

Mark H

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