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PRO/1000 PT Server Adaptor Product Brief and Intel's Site


I want to see the product brief for the single port PRO/1000 PT Server card so that I can compare it to that of the PRO/1000 PT Desktop version. But when I click on the 'Download Product Brief' link in this page, it takes me to the brief for the dual port card.

Also, where do I find the product brief for the discontinued EXPI9404PT (quad port PRO/1000 PT server adaptor)?

EDIT: And where can I locate the damned product brief for the dual port PRO/1000 ET card? This time when I click the Product Brief link on it's page, I get an error message. Intel's site is a disaster.

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Thank you for your inquiry and your concerns regarding our website.

There are no differences in the features of the low profile and the full height Intel® PRO/1000 boards except for the bracket height. We have combined the two and include both brackets in one package; therefore, the full height board is being discontinued as a separate product.

There is a 'product compare' section available on the site which provides the ability to compare multiple products, including the next generations of Gigabit adapters:

Here is a link to the Quad

I would recommend comparing these three products for your next purchase consideration of a Quad Port Server Adapter:

Intel® PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Server Adapter Series (2007)

Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter I340-T4 (2010)

Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4 (2011)

We apologize for any inconvenience. Intel is in the process of redesigning the website, and we are still working out the glitches. Again, thank you for expressing your concerns and we hope that we answered your questions to your satisfaction.

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