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PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility 27.2 issues from Intel Ethernet Controller (3) I225-V?



OS:Window 10 64bit (21H2)
Lan Driver:26.7 (,I225-V Rev.3 (SLNMH)
Net:ASUS RT-AC58U & Chunghwa Telecom FTTP Fiber to the Home





This appeal is mainly in the Intel PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility 27.2 software,and several of the tests failed!As reflected in the above two articles!

Hope for a solution,Let these three tests work and pass!

What I'm asking is not, just set the test results to not be displayed in the new version, or remove the test items!


Cable Tests:NVM Integrity Status: Failed 
Hardware Tests;Cable Quality Status: Failed
Hardware Tests;Cable Integrity Status : Failed (I am also showing 225 meters, this coincidence is incredible)






Then Asus' response was:
Intel PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility 27.2 is a software, ASUS official website does not provide the download point of this software.

This software should be downloaded from Intel's official website, so it is recommended to contact Intel to inquire about the software's Fail troubleshooting method.



ASUS's statement is to let me understand that it is a flaw in the INTEL program, let me feedback to you to fix it!

But unfortunately. However, I found that your company's updated version after 27.2 only covered the NVM test results on the panel


1.has previously been raised:e2fexpress ID: 27 still displays the warning

ASUS has already replaced another new board,confirming that the problem still exists!

After a year of research between you and asus,the conclusion is Microsoft's problem,but after I reported it to Microsoft on the official website,Microsoft ignored it!

It's just the focus of my appeal this time,Not focusing on the e2fexpress ID: 27 issue,My understanding is that you and Microsoft are not trying to solve it together! pc device status:
After reinstalling the system ( GPT-UEFI mode,then install only amd_chipset_software_win10_3.08.17.735 chip driver,and Wired_driver_27.6_x64 (1.1. 3.28), and Wired_PROSet_27.2_x64(Only the nvm TEST before this version is not deleted test results),which is already a very clean WIN10 system!


3.In order to reduce other factors,ASUS RT-AC58U sharer or CAT6 cable defects,I tried:
.Change a new cat6 wire!
.Remove the sharer,directly connect to Chunghwa Telecom's fiber optic cable,and set the PPPOE broadband connection mode,it still shows Failed,And I feel that PPPOE mode is easy to disconnect suddenly!



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