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PROSet VLANs and Hyper-V


Hello All,

I am doing configuration comparisons between VMware ESX and Hyper-V with a focus on the networking features at the moment.



Within ESX, I can create a Vswitch with multiple trunked NICs configured with a matching switch configuration to have increased bandwidth and redundancy . I can then configure Virtual Machine Port Groups within the VSwitch linked to a specific VLAN. Then at the virtual guest level, I link the VM. I have to do no tagging at the guest or within the guest OS level. This ensures that a VM admin / provisioner only has to select the VLAN from a pull down and does not accidentally mistype a VLAN identifier. They do not even need to know its number. The Virtual Machine Port Group could be given a friendly name like "Production WEB" or something.



Hyper-V heavily leverages the feature sets of the vendor drivers for networking. In this case I have the same server with multiple Intel cards in it (single port through quad port) and am leveraging PROSet

I am trying to do the equivalent to ESX within Hyper-V. Within the driver, I can create VMLB teams across trunked ports with a dozen VLAN, etc. All is fine. However at the Virtual Switch level, there is no ability to tag at the switch. The VLAN has to be set within the virtual guest settings (Enable Virtual LAN Identification). So my thought was that I would have to create virtual VLAN interfaces through PROSet to split out the VLANs that way. I was able to configure virtual interfaces / VLANS on top the existing VMLB team and link them to a Virtual Switch in Hyper-V. I found that I still had to set the VLAN within the virtual guest settings (Enable Virtual LAN Identification). While this looks cleaner (each separate virtual VLAN linked to a separate Vswitch) it functioned the same as the team by itself. Creating the VLAN interfaces above the team, functionally did nothing that I could tell.

So the question is:

  1. 1.) Can the method that I am attempting to lay out be accomplished? If so, what am I missing?


  2. 2.) If this cannot be accomplished, what is the purpose of the ability to create VLAN interfaces above the TEAM?


  3. 3.) If this is not possible, is anyone aware of Intel looking to add this as a feature?


In large environments, I normally try to remove manual / free-form entry. If a person has a preset / pull down network choice of PROD-DB, PROD-WEB, PROD-APP, the odds are higher that the system will work rather than troubleshooting someone trying to type in VLAN 105, 150 or 510 and

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