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Possible Compatability Issues with Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop Adapter


I just purchased an Intel Desktop Adapter becuase my built in ethernet adapter was fried in a lightning storm. I have an HP Media Center PC.

When I place the ehternet card in an open PCI slot and go to start my computer, it won't start unless the ehternet cable is disconnected, so i have to pul the cable, start the machine and plug it back in. When the computer finally does start, it works fine for a couple of minutes before locking up my PS2 mouse and keyboard.I then have to plug in a usb mouse and keyboard to shutdown my computer. Any ideas what this could be from?? I already went into bios and disabled the built in ethernet adapter and made sure that my PS2 mouse and keyboard were my primary choices.

I have also switched PCI slots to make sure the one I was usuing wasn't dead. No luck. Is it possible that I don't have enough power from my PSU for my new card??? Would a new network card really make that much of a difference?? I have a 400 Watt PSU...?

Any help would be appreciated!!


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