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Problems with Intel PRO/100 VE, Windows 7 and a UTP Cat 6 cable


Hello, I have a HP 530 laptop installed with Windows 7. I have tried to plug a UTP Cat 6 cable to my network adapter (Intel PRO/100 VE) and isn't work. The cable was plugged to another laptop and another PC and it works. Any idea of wich is my problem?

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There is not any obvious reason why it will not work. Microsoft provided a driver in Windows 7 for that network connection. Here are some items you could check that might help you find the reason.

Does your network connection work when you plug it into another location?

Is your network connection enabled in the laptop BIOS?

Does your network connection show up in Windows Device manager and are there any errors?

Is your Windows LAN connection TCP/IP properties configured to obtain an IP address automatically?

I hope this helps.

Mark H

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