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Proset 16.2 & PNP Code 31 for all Intel Nics in System


Hi All,

I was using Proset 15.2 on Win7 X64 SP1 with both Ports from an Intel ESB2 (Pro 1000EB with IO Accel - Dev ID 1096) southbridge in an 802.3ad team; things were working well except for ocasional DHCP problems when emerging from standby so I decided to upgrade to 16.2. The result was bad, the "Installing Drivers" window showed the Pro1000EB and then 5000 Series device 1A38 before telling me no Intel adapters are present in the computer.

Device manager shows both adapters with a yellow exclamation code31. The software appears to unistall OK but using the Microsoft driver or a different Intel version still leaves me with the NICs in code 31. Other Intel driver installers do not error during install like 16.2 (tried 15.2 and 15.8) but still leave the devices the same in device manager despite the driver version changing as expected. I tried adding an old Pro 1000MT PCI-X adapter but this was detected and put straight into Code31 as well. Other PCI devices detect like a TV card I tried adding detected OK so I dont think it is a general PNP issue.

I have also tried manually removing the Intel proset software from the registry and clean booting windows but none of this makes any difference.

Reinstalling is not really an option; can anyone offer any adivce?

Are there known issues with the recent Prosets and 5000/5400 series Xeon chipsets?

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