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Question about link aggregation with Intel NICs (Windows 7 Pro)


I have a micro atx system that I run a 8TB RAID 5 array in as my media server. The MOBO has 1 PCI-E x1 slot and 2 PCI for expansion. (The other 16x PCI-E slot is used for my controller card).



I installed two trednet PCI gigabit PCI NICS and set up the link aggregation within my netgear gs108T managed switch but the link aggregation still seems to not be working. Aparently this needs to be done on workstation, not the managed switch.



After researching this more it appears that the NICS themselves have to support it, such as Intel. I an having a tough time locating 2 x PCI gigabit NICS to install in this system that I can team for link aggregation.



So, to my question, can anyone recommend a pair or PCI gigabit NICS that will 100% support teaming/link aggregation. Or, does anyone know of any third party software that I can use with my existing cards?



Can I just use two of these cards: Intel PWLA8391GTL PCI PRO/1000 GT Low Profile Desktop Adapter - OEM

or Intel PWLA8391GTBLK-1PK PCI PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter - OEM

Or do I have to have at least one of these to build the link off of? Intel EXPI9400PT 10/ 100/ 1000Mbps PCI-Express Gigabit Copper Connection for Servers - OEM

I think I remember reading somewhere that I need 1 of the PCI-E 1x cards and then I can use a PCI based intel card for het other one.


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Intel does not have any PCI adapters that directly support any teaming modes (such as Link Aggregation) in Windows 7. However, if you create the team using one of the newer PCIe-based adapters, you should be able to add a PCI adapter to the team.

The Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter is compatible with a x1 PCIe slot. If you use this adapter to create the team, then you can add another port to the team.

By the way, unless you have a low-profile slot, don't get the low-profile adapter you listed. That adapter has a permanently attached low-profile bracket. You probably want an adapter with a standard-height bracket.

Mark H


Have the same question too.

Well, I have an onboard Intel I217-V Ethernet adapter, which supports teaming and Link Aggregation, now I want to add two more PCI Gigabit adapters that can work in Link Aggregation Group, and the onboard one work at singal mode to support the another network.

So if I can add two PRO1000 GT NICs to do that? Or I should add PCIe NICs?

I have no more PCIe slots because of the huge Graphic Card : (

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