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S3420GPV Dual Gigabit Port Trunking


Hi Everone,

I've got a system with S3420GPV server board that has 2 onboard ethernet networking ports. I need to enable both ports to be used at the same time to achieve double network bandwidth. I am considering a smart switch from D-Link (DGS-1210-24) that supports LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) to make this work. By the way I am running Windows7 on this system.

I need to confirm if that is all I need to do what I want or would I need to install a special network adapter that supports LACP on the server to make this happen?

Any help would be appreciated as I have to make a decision soon.


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Hi Shariq,

I looked at the Technical Product Specifications and see that the built-in Ethernet connections might be enabled for remote access to the BMC. Our software will support the teaming you want on those devices, but if a network port is enabled for remote management of the BMC, then the teaming might not work right or the port might not be available to add to the team. If you want to keep remote management capabilities enabled on one of the built-in ports, you should add in an adapter to one of the PCI-Express slots.

I hope this helps.

Mark H


Dear Mark,

Thank you for replying. For now I've teamed up both network ports using Intel's ANS that installs with the drivers. Since remote access is not a concern at the moment I'll live without it for now. I've enable Addaptive Load Balancing on the team and it's working like a charm on an unmanaged switch.