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SW Release 24.1 is now available for download and brings driver support for Microsoft Windows* 10, Version 1903 (19H1) & Microsoft* Windows Server* 2019, Version 1903 (19H1)


SW Release 24.1 supports Microsoft Windows* 10, Version 1903 & Microsoft* Windows Server* 2019, Version 1903.


This release also includes fixes for issues some customers were experiencing with Team and VLAN configuration using PowerShell.


Advanced Network Services (ANS), Teaming and VLAN configuration

  • Currently Team and VLAN configuration are only supported using Intel® PROSet for Windows PowerShell* Software's cmdlets. This only applies to Microsoft Windows* 10.
  • We plan to add Advanced Network Services including Team and VLAN configuration to the Intel® PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility interface in a future release.


Installation Note: If possible, prior to upgrading to Microsoft Windows* 10, Version 1903 or Microsoft* Windows Server* 2019, Version 1903 uninstall the Intel PROSet feature, perform the OS upgrade, and then reinstall with the latest version of Intel® PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility. This will ensure all features are available and avoid potential issues.


If you experience issues with Team & VLAN configuration using PowerShell after updating to Microsoft Windows* 10, Version 1903 please contact Intel Customer Support.


For more information regarding this release please review the readme.txt file included in each download.


Download URL: The Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack can be downloaded here | Link

If version 24.1 of the download is not available when you click on the link, please try refreshing the page or clearing the browser's cache.



Thank you for patience in waiting for this release and for being valued Intel customers.


Intel Ethernet Team

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I successfully updated to Windows 10 v1903 and applied the PROSet 24.1 driver. Powershell with the IntelNetCmdlets setup went well and was the same as under 1809.


The upgrade seemed pretty solid to me. No post update issues detected so far and my NIC team is up and running. (1809 was a total disaster for me so this is a pleasant surprise)


I posted instructions with commands and images for setting up the Teaming using Powershell at While the instructions are for specific hardware, the procedure will work with most other hardware configurations and under Windows 10 v1803 and v1809 with only minor or no modifications.



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I upgraded to 24.1 driver before upgrading Windows to 1903. Then performed Windows upgrade to 1903.

The effect was that team got deleted during Windows upgrade.


Intel in Release Notes actually recommends to uninstall drivers before Windows upgrade, upgrade Windows, then reinstall drivers to achieve 'full experience'. I haven't noticed this advice immediately.

So I reinstalled Ethernet drivers after Windows upgrade and re-created team succesfully again.


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Powershell Get-NetAdapter is still broken after updating..... Has not been fixed as indicated.


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Same here. Windows 10 1903 with the PROSet 24.1 on a I217-LM causing only trouble. I tried serveryl times to get the setup working with the help of the instructions in this forum, but everytime without success.


First I used the Windows 10 1809 with the 24.1, which does not worked. So I did the Update to Windows 10 1903 (uninstalled the 24.1 before) and installed the PROSet 24.1 again. First I missing now the settings pages for VLAN etc. in the properties of the NIC. This seems to be removed. The used driver was not longer the default windows, it was the intel on.


So i set like before the VLANs with the help of the powershell comlets. They seem to work in the first moment. The virtuel NIC for the first VLAN is created in the windows network adapter view. But they do not work proper. I connected a device to view to check the packets for the VLAN tags. This show, that they are send without the VLAN tag. Serveral restarts and checking the config, the state changed at some time and it worked for a moment. Tagged packets are send and received. But then the tagged arp answers are not longer accepted. I do not know, what changes the state. After a restart the system sends only untagged packets again.


Trying to add another VLAN to the card with the comlets took a very long time and finish unsuccessfully. Trying to uninstall the PROSet 24.1 to get a hopefull cleaner system to work with took a lot of time. I thought several times it had crashed. I was also not able to activate the MonitorMode to view the packets with npcap and wireshark.


With windows 7 i loved to work with the I217-LM and the CT Desktop Adapter. Now with Windows 10 the CT is not longer supported and the driver for the I217-LM is not as expected.

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I have 20 to 30 e commerce managed account, if i download this, does the accounts reset??

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Dual I210's on ASUS Mobo. 24.1 will allow team creation, but no network access after the fact. Sets team and priamry/secondary adapters without any hiccups, just won;t communicate once setup. Latest 1903 patch.



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