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Setting Up I350-AM2 Board Using Intel Boot Utility using Raspberry Pi

Dear Community, Dear Community, We have designed a custom board to interface the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 with I350-AM2 Ethernet Controller IC; however, we are running into some trouble interfacing with the IC. We want to install the Intel Boot Utility to update the firmware for the I350-AM2 Ehternet controller so that Raspberry Pi CM4 can detect the two external ports provided by I350 controller using the Intel Gigabit driver. However, our major problem is that we are not able to install the Intel Boot Utility on the Linux based Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. The steps which we followed are as follows: 1) We downloaded the Preboot.tar.gz file version 26.8 from the Intel website and copied it to a temporary folder named "Preboot". 2) Unpacked it using tar -xzvf Preboot.tar.gz in the "Preboot" folder 3) Installed the Linux32 version by navigating to Preboot/APPS/BootUtil/Linux32/Driver/install (Raspberry is 32 bit ARM based). After running "install", we were lost as to how to open the Boot Utility. The "bootutil32" file in the "BootUtil" folder could not be opened as it was "shared library" filetype. We are basic users of Intel devices on Linux. We also searched to find videos and step by step tutorials for our problems, but weren't able to find any solution as there are no examples of Raspberry Pi interfacing with a custom on-board ethernet controller. We would appreciate all the help we can get in testing our custom I350-AM2 board. Thank you. (I hope that the post appears with spaces and line spacings)
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