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Slow upload speeds with Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V


This is the built in ethernet connection on my MSI Z170A Gaming Carbon Pro motherboard.

I just built this PC and installed Windows 10 on it.

I've checked everything as far as the actual wired connection, the modem itself, and all of that checks out. The same ethernet cord that runs to this PC, I tested with a laptop. The laptop gets proper up/down speeds.

Realistically, my down and up speeds should be 130-160mbps and 25-30mbps.

I am getting about 125mbps down, 2-4mbps up.

The drivers are up to date. I do not know if this is an issue with windows 10, or the built in Intel Ethernet itself. If anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated. These upload speeds are killing me!

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Hi mdville,



Thank you for contacting Intel.



Most high-speed internet connections provide fast download and slower upload speed. This is because most users download more (accessing multimedia files) than they do uploading.



Here are some settings that you may try to improve the adapter's throughput performance:



1. Reduce Interrupt Moderation Rate to Low, Minimal, or Off


2. Increase the Transmit Descriptors buffer size. The default is 256. Maximum value is 2048.


3. Increase the Receive Descriptors buffer size. The default is 256. Maximum value is 2048.


4. In Performance Option, disable the TCP/UDP Offloading options.



Refer to website below for more information:



Hope this helps improve your internet upload speed. Feel free to contact us again if you need further assistance.









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