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Supported Twinax configurations with XXV710-2


We are attempting to upgrade a quad teamed copper NIC in a server to a 10g connection so we went with the XXV710-2. The server is about 8M away from a Cisco switch which puts us in active DA or fiber land and we were hoping to get away with DA per


We have a Legrand SFP10GPDAC10M-LEG which is passive and the XXV710 seems to like (contrary to the above link saying passive is only good to 7m), but the switch refuses to talk. (Windows shows the link as up, with Tx but 0 Rx and no connectivity)


Also tried was the Pricier Than Gold(tm) Cisco SFP-H10GB-ACU10M which of course the switch loves, but causes the XXV710 to disable the port with the event "Rx/Tx is disabled on this device because an unsupported SFP+ module type was detected."


And then the good ol standby 10gtek CAB-10GSFP-A10M which the switch likes, but causes the same port disabling as the Cisco


All 3 cables are confirmed good. Running the latest drivers on Windows Server 2016 and and a 15.2(6) IOS image.


Is there hope in DA land of a Twinax cable that both the XXV710 and a Cisco switch will cooperate with?

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Hi JVarg16, Thank you for posting in Intel® Ethernet Community. Please share the markings of your XXV710-DA2 card and firmware version for us to further investigate the error encountered. If you're using Linux system, kindly share with us the ethtool -i for the firmware information. If the distance from the server and the switch will be shorten to 2-3m, you may want to consider the Intel® Ethernet SFP28 Twinaxial cables for your setup. Please refer to the link below for additional details. Best Regards, Vince T. Intel Customer Support Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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