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Trouble Teaming X540-T2 with Server 2012R2


I have a new 2012R2 server with an Intel LOM X540-T2 Dual port, 10-gig copper NIC. I'm trying to team both ports to a Netgear 10-gig copper switch (XS712T, CAT6A cables) and not having much luck. Latest firmware/drivers all around. I reset to factory defaults on the Netgear switch.

Update: This looks like it's not really a teaming issue, but wather an issue with the second port not working.

On the latest drivers, the 2nd port of this dual port nic isn't working. tried different cables (cat5e, cat6a, and 3 different HP/Netgear switches, no luck).

For historical context, here's the old text of this post:

From a console, I go to server manager, NIC Teaming, New Team.

When I try Team Mode: Switch Independent / Load balancing mode: Dynamic. Both ports become Active. I understand that now the adapters listed in networking connections are to be left alone, and that configuration should take place on the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver. The 'Team' adapter is supposed to DHCP, but never does, and ends up with a private 169.254 address. If I manually configure ip4 on the 'Team' adapter, I still have no communication to the network. Both ports are able to DHCP when un-teamed. Something interesting is that port 1 only shows received packets, and none sent. At the same time, port 2 shows a much smaller number of sent packets, but zero received. Odd.

When I try Team mode: LACP / Load balancing mode: Dynamic. I add two of the Netgear ports to a LAG and enable LACP. One of the ports in Windows will show 'Active' (and has DHCP'd with normal send/receive), and the other port shows 'Faulted LACP Negotiation' with very few sent packets and zero received.

Any ideas, or places to look next?

Edit: It looks like I can get physical port 1 to join the LACP group, but physical port 2 will not join, even after swapping cables and rebooting the Netgear switch. But port 1 still goes 'active' regardless of the switchport that it's plugged into.

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