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Unable to use Bootutil to upgrade boot agent of 1000 MT correctly



I try to flash my 1000 MT desktop adapter to newer Boot agent, always get trouble.

In Windows with Proset management tool, it tells me cant recongnize flash type in Bootimg.flb.

In DOS with Bootutil.exe by default option -UP always flash type becomes Unknown,

and the option -UP=PXE it cant choose boot agent to correct Boot Agent GE but Boot Agent XE,

then Boot agent becomes failure.

Now I can only flash it with IBAutil.exe to Boot agent GE v1.3.53 of Proset 1.52.

Is there any way to extract Boot Agent GE from Bootimg.flb, or any way flash 1000 MT with Bootutil to correct Boot agent?

Thans for help!

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As you have experienced, the old IBAUtil does not recognize the new flb format. Nevertheless, I think you should be able to use the new BootUtil to upgrade your PXE boot image. Also, new versions of PROSet should also be able to recognize the new flb format.

I will do some investigation, but I need to know more to duplicate what you are seeing.

What is your Windows version?

What is the PROSet version? You can find this information in the link speed tab of the adapter properties in Windows Device Manager.

What is the PBA number of your adapter? Use the Identify Adapter button in the Link Speed tab to see information about the adapter including the PBA number. If you do not have a link speed tab, you could give me the top line of informatin from the hardware ID property in the details tab.

I think that with this information, we can figure out what is going on.

Mark H


Thank you Mark,

I can use Bootutil to update Boot Agent but always flashed as Unknown (with -UP only)

or wrong PXE (with -UP=PXE, flashed as Boot Agent XE instead of used GE).

So I can only use IBAutil to flash old Boot Agent GE v1.3.53 now.

I use Windows XP server Pack 3,

Here is the info of my 1000 MT you asked

1. PROset version & PBA number

PROset Version / PBA number A78408-012


2. Hardware ID of my 1000 MT desktop ethernet adapter



wish it's not counterfeit card caused this problem.

Here is many "suspicious" items from CN,

put in very colorful retail box even Intel never use it now.


Everything looks normal for an Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapter. These adapters were discontinued many years ago before Intel switched to the plain brown box. I can not determine if the adapter is genuine, but I see nothing suspicious.

With this information we can proceed to investigate your issue. I will let you know what I find out.

Mark H


Thank you Mark, I will expect your good news

Update --

Accidently, by searched old intel NIC driver, I found IBAbuild that can update Boot Agent of 1000 MT to GE v1.3.72 successfully & work correctly.

Here is the IBAbuild link (Boot Agent GE v1.3.72 for 1000 MT)