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Updating NIC drivers on Hyper-V 2012 R2

I'm trying to update the I350-T2 NIC drivers on my Hyper-V host. I have a separate Broadcom NIC built into the motherboard used for management. Both ports of the I350-T have SR-IOV enabled and are only used for the virtual machines. When I run the ProWinx64.exe, I get the following error message:Intel PROSet is configured with a device, team, or VLAN that is bound to a virtual NIC. Intel PROSet cannot be uninstalled with this configuration. Please remove the virtual NIC and then attempt the uninstall or upgrade again. The closest documentation of this issue I could find is this: Upgrading Intel® Ethernet Host Drivers and PROSet Under Windows Hyper-V* I am unable to set the virtual NIC to 'internal only' - that option is disabled in Hyper-V. I tried using pnputil.exe with Intel Ethernet Connections CD 20.4.1 and a reboot. But that didn't work either. Has anyone else run into this issue?
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In such case you need to delete Hyper-V virtual switch at all. Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to backup and restore config of VMSwitch, maybe scripting examples on Use PowerShell to Create Virtual Switches - Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs will help you.