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I have two systems A and B. Both have the ethernet controller 82567LM on it. Here are some steps which i have tried and worked so far.

- both system connected using a lan cable.

- both has windows xp with latest driver installed.

- both has an ip address within same subnet.

- system A is shut down gracefully from windows xp and system B is powered on and is on the OS.

- Using a utility WOL Fusion, i tried to wake up the system A using the ip and mac address.

- It works fine.


i remove the power cable for System A, and then switch on the power socket, i did not press on the power button.

I am trying to wake up System A, it does not work. Why?

Is this possible or not?

What is the theory and concept behind this?

Does it work for different controllers? If yes, example.

Anyone can help here.



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Anyone here to help???

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Let me see if I understand what you are asking. If the computer is powered down because power is disconnected (not a graceful shutdown) can you wake the computer remotely? On the same computer, if you shut down the computer with normal Windows shutdown, you can wake the computer remotely.

If this is correct, then yes, you should be able to wake the computer that lost power after power is reconnected by sending a magic packet to the MAC address of the computer.

Wake on LAN from power down depends on the power management capabilities of the system and the BIOS, but if you can wake up from graceful power down, you should be able to wake up from power loss after power is restored.

I tested here using WOL Fusion. I had a switch in between the two computers. I pulled the power from my desktop computer. I used the MAC address of the powered down computer in WOL Fusion to wake up the computer.

Mark H

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