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WinServ03, Intel network drivers refuse to uninstall, new ones can't update

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This is an older windows server 2003 box, but it's still a fine and dandy file server. Consists of a SuperMicro dual xeon board, a ton of ram and a 3ware 9550SX and is stuffed full of drives - a couple mirrors and 10TB in a raid.

It also handles domain, dns, dhcp

My adventure started off trying to update the network drivers on it. It has a number of Intel Pro/1000 MT cards in it.

The new drivers from Intel will not 'upgrade', the previous version must be uninstalled first.

And there in lies the rub. These drivers refuse to uninstall giving a '1713.Intel Pro Network Connections...' error.

Drivers are listed as and

After spending the day on it yesterday I have managed to get it unbootable (a failed winserv 2008 upgrade)

So'kay, it's sister machine had been retired last year when I moved mail to the cloud so I could just steal the boot disk and try that.

Got it booted and it's network cards are funky too. They also are refusing to uninstall with the same error. And even though I configure them correctly it's got no connectivity. Weird.

Anyway, sorry for the long explanation, can anyone help me get these darn old drivers off this system?

Thanks in advance.

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