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Windows 2000 driver being recommended for XP computer by Driver Update utility

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Just restored eMachines T3990 computer with XP Home disk and downloading drivers from eMachines site. However, there remains one yellow exclamation point in the Device Manager for the Network Controller. I don't currently have a network but can see setting one up. I did download drivers from eMachines for both Chipset and LAN but that exclamation point remains.

Belarc Advisor is referencing Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection although I don't know whether that is keying on loaded software or installed hardware. Intel's Driver Update utility has identified an Intel(R) 82562 based Network Controller(OEM) which does not appear to be contradictory. But here is the problem. The utility says

Product Detected Intel(R) 82562 based Network Controller(OEM) Current Driver Installed7.1.12.0 Newer Driver Available: Download Now File Size:12.278 MBDownload Time:Time @56Kbps:29.9 mins. Driver Description & Driver Documentation

However, the link for the driver description shows that it is as "Network Adapter Drivers for Windows* 2000". I don't have 2000, I have XP..

So, where to from here? Do I disregard the fact that the support page says the driver is for 2000? And if not, where can I get a driver? Intel says that email support is not available for this product. I just want t compatible driver. Is that asking too much?


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Any guidance here would be appreciated. Note that I might have accidentally loaded a Windows 2000 driver for this onto my computer but I would think the key for what Intel recommends would be the actual hardware and the actual operating system. Any thoughts?


I am sorry the utility did not give you straightforward advice. You can use the Windows 2000 file you reference. The driver you need is in there, and the installer will work in Windows XP. has the latest software for Windows XP, but the driver for your device is the same one in the latest web pack for Windows XP. If you already downloaded the Windows 2000 software, you can go ahead and use that one.

We will also take a look at what went wrong with the update utility and get the bug fixed.

Have a great day!

Mark H