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Windows PE 3.0 and DP55WG problem with LAN connect

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i have big problem with Windows PE 3.0. I have twenty PC with DP55WG board. I need boot Windows PE 3.0 with LAN connection. I integrate to Windows PE LAN drivers 15.2 and last 15.5 and LAN still not work. On secoond PC with MSI board is all OK. Where is problem. Where is problem? Thanks


Re: Windows PE 3.0 and DP55WG problem with LAN connect



In Windows PE 2.0 work LAN driver fine. I use for PE2 - NDIS61 and for PE3 - NDIS62. Drivers for Windows 7 do not work. Mmm problem. Please Intel verify it !!!
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Hello, thank you for your tip. Problem is similar in Windows PE 3.0 OPK and AIK. Intel driver work correctly only after boot from PE 3.0. I must use drvload.exe or pnputil.exe for load. Slowly, slowly, load. In similary boot cd drivers for Marvell od Realtek work fine by creation boot. Intel, do not work... Intel driver for DP55WG work fine only in Windows PE 2.0. Where is problem ???? I dont know.