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Windows XP crahes during installation of Loopback-Adapter on Desktops with Intel 82579LM

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I using a Fujitsu Celsius W410 which having a Intel 82579 LM Ethernet on board. I using Windows XP so therefore I don't got any support from Fujitsu as they deliver it with Windows 7 only.

My Problem now: When I install the Microsoft loopback adapter Windows XP crashes with a bluescreen. When I disable the Intel 82579LM I am able to install the loopback adapter, but as soon I enable again the Ethernet, the OS crashes. I am able to install both when I unplug the cable from the onboard Ethernet connector, but as soon as I plug the cable again the system crashes.

I using the newest drivers for Windows XP (32 bit) from the Intel download page Version 16.6 from 30.09.2011

Actually I want contact Intel support, but I don't found this ethernet network card in the list.

I hope I got some help here. Thanks in advanced.

Best regards


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Hi David,

I am sorry to hear about the blue screen crash you are experiencing. I have personally experienced similar issues with newer hardware not being able to load Windows XP without crashing. And since the computer that was crashing did not come with Windows XP or support for Windows XP, I ended up giving up. Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 both run fine on the same computer and luckily I did not have any programs that required Windows XP.

As to your specific computer and why you are experiencing a blue screen, I cannot begin to guess at the specific cause. I am sure that Fujitsu and other computer manufacturers have very good reasons for not supporting old OS versions on new systems including the type of problem you are reporting. However, all is not lost.

Even though Intel is not working on a resolution for this specific crash, there is at least one planned change in the next driver release that may help you. The driver update is not in the version 16.7 software release that was recently released. Watch for the release 16.8.

Another thing you could try would be to look for software packages with older versions of the driver that might not cause a bluescreen. Again, I don't know that an older version will help. The only way to find out is to try the older versions. And some of the older versions might not load or work at all on your particular computer.

Release 16.5 through 16.7 all have the same version driver, which would be the driver you have now.

Here are some packages that have an older driver version. The older the package, the greater the chance that the driver support for your particular platform might be missing, so I cannot guarantee the older software will load on your computer. Ignore the products that these downloads say they apply to. These packages do have drivers for the 82579.

Release 16.3: has driver version

Release 16.1: has driver version

I hope one of these solutions helps you.

Mark H

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Hello Mark,

thanks for your reply. I tested it with version 16.3 but still same, windows crashes. I follow your 2nd link but there I see only V16.2 and for Windows Server 2008. How can I search through the Intel download center for older versions? I also tried with google but somehow I get only the newest version 16.6.


It seems that there exits a very old driver from 2008. I will search a little bit more. Thanks anyway for your help.



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Hello again,

so I tried with and fortunately Windows XP doesn't crash. It telling me that I got only limited connectivity but as far as I can see it seems to be ok.

Thanks again.