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Wired Ethernet Adapter


I have a Wired Ethernet Adapter that's being detected by Windows 10 just fine, but when I try to install its driver (I uninstalled the Proset Software while trying to fix another problem) and/or the Proset Software, it won't complete installation because it says there is no Adapter detected. Can anyone help me get this fixed? The Adapter is an I217-V and it's built in my computer's motherboard, an ASUS Maximus VI Extreme. Thanks ahead of time!

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Hi MightyMagi82,

Please check under the device manager if the I217-V is detectable, if not then you need to contact Asus the board vendor to check if something wrong with the NIC on the hardware aspect.

If the NIC is still detectable, try un-installing the driver or re-install the driver (you may download the software again to make sure the file is not corrupted) or better yet, obtain the driver from Asus as it is recommended to use customized driver from the board vendor specifically for your system.

Hope this helps.



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