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Wireless Crashes - NETwNs64 - Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300 on Win7 64-Bit


My System:

  • Lenovo W510
  • Core i7
  • 12 GB RAM
  • Windows7 64-bit
  • WiFi-Card: Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300

Since October 2010 I had no problems with the wifi-card, but till a few weeks a have hard wireless problems with it. These days it's a kind of contingency if the WLAN connection is functional. and if the connection performs with low traffic i have no disconnects but if I use the card heavily (download manager with more connections) and download e.g. a file > 100 MB the card switches of itselves. I have tested on serveral locations - no there is no defect within my wlan and router - i think.


The WLAN-light below the display just turning out. i'm not clicking or sending the Fn+F5 Command to stop WLAN-Actions.

A Workaround is to use the hardware switch to switch off the (already broken) connection. Turning on after a few seconds -> WLAN light appears below the display - and connection is reistablished.

There is no way of productive work now.

Maybe the reason is the actual driver. I have also 1 VPNClient, Virtual PC, VirtualBox and VMware Workstation installed. (and uninstalled to test) - maybe I only can check if the card is going wrong after installing a fresh version of Windows7.

After connecting Lenovo support I should install the newest driver - is now on my laptop. After looking into the eventlog on Windows - i got a serious message that the Event ID "5072" from source NETwNs64 is not found.

"Der angegebene Ressourcentyp wurde nicht in der Image-Datei gefunden" - the specific ressourcetyp was not found in the image-file.

Uninstalling, reinstalling nothing let get rid of the problem. Maybe you can help me? What should I do? And what does this message in the eventlog means?

The original message (sorry in german):

Die Beschreibung für die Ereignis-ID "5072" aus der Quelle "NETwNs64" wurde nicht gefunden. Entweder ist die Komponente, die dieses Ereignis auslöst, nicht auf dem lokalen Computer installiert, oder die Installation ist beschädigt. Sie können die Komponente auf dem lokalen Computer installieren oder reparieren.

Falls das Ereignis auf einem anderen Computer aufgetreten ist, mussten die Anzeigeinformationen mit dem Ereignis gespeichert werden.

Die folgenden Informationen wurden mit dem Ereignis gespeichert:



Intel(R) Centrino(R) Ultimate-N 6300 AGN

Der angegebene Ressourcentyp wurde nicht in der Image-Datei gefunden

And the Event XML:">
























Intel(R) Centrino(R) Ultimate-N 6300 AGN





Yours sincerely


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Hello LenovoUser2010,

From the description of the issue it appears that you have some corruption on the registry, this could be just software corruption, or it may indication a failing wireless adapter.

In case it is a software issue then (if you haven't already tried) try restoring the system to a previous date, or back up your information ant test resetting the system to factory defaults, if you still have trouble at that part then you would be certain that the network adapter is failing. In that case we would recommend you to replace it with the laptop manufacturer. (Note that because the laptop manufacturer must comply with strict FCC and IEEE regulations in regards to this hardware, they usually would have their system blocked for unauthorized hardware installations)

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